Mortgage Coach

How Soon Could You Pay Off Your Mortgage?

You may have bought your property recently or many years ago, but did you really understand the whole concept of 25 or 30 years to pay off that loan? So far, you have been regular in paying your monthly repayments, and when you look at the balance that's owing - it seems like only the smallest amount is coming off the total balance of the loan?

There is another way!

Yes, I'm talking Mortgage Coaching. 
Heard of it before?
Sometimes termed Mortgage Reduction Services, but we have partnered with Parcon Group, who are Financial Planners and Mortgage Brokers, to present our clients with a way to pay off their home loan sooner.

Interested to know more?
What is Mortgage Coaching all about?
How can it help me to pay off my home loan sooner?

Phone Consultation

We set up an initial phone consultation with you, completely obligation free, to discuss your situation, and what goals you have to pay off your home loan. It's a simple 30 minute call where we ask some questions, you ask some to us and we take notes to develop a report just for you.

Customised Report

We email you a Customised Report, showing points we have discussed on our Phone Consultation, graphs highlighting how many years you could save off your home loan, and our recommended steps to achieve this.

Working Together   

If you decide that Mortgage Coaching is for you, then we provide a full comprehensive list of items that we need from you, like your current budget and spending allowances, finalise your goals and work on a proven strategy to work together. We do all Mortgage Coaching Programs on a 12 month basis, then we provide another comprehensive overview of the past 12 months, and revise goals for the next 12 months.

Other Services

Property & Finance eCourses

Helping clients navigate through the property and finance maze,
so they can buy a home or find finance sooner!

Row of houses
First Home buyer

How To Buy Your FIRST HOME Sooner-
A Step-By-Step eCourse
That Answers All Your Questions


How To Buy Your FIRST HOME Sooner-
A Step-By-Step eCourse
That Answers All Your Questions


Learn the steps involved when looking at Refinancing your home loan. Look into all of your options, from interest rates, split loans, the total cost of your loan over it's lifetime and how to compare it all!


Learn the steps involved from arranging finance, to important inspections - prior to making a bid or an offer on a property. All the things to consider plus Industry jargon so you will be confident when buying a rent-vestment.

eCourses to help you navigate
through the property and finance maze, 
and buy or refinance sooner!

First Home Terrace


Many people put off starting the process of buying a home,
as it just feels too hard and complicated. The idea of months of searching, researching and missing out is sometimes daunting.
And maybe you feel the same way.

This eCourse teaches you simple steps, goes deep into abbreviations and industry terms (so you won't look silly when you ask questions), and prepares you to make an offer or buy at Auction. The knowledge you will obtain from this eCourse represents a massive advantage for you,
so you can be more confident when dealing with mortgage brokers, agents and other property contractors so you can buy better and sooner.