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What is the process of the eCourse?
It's really quite easy - click on the link to purchase your eCourse, register your details, an email confirmation wil be sent to you with your user name and password, and link to the eCourse. You can log in at anytime you like, and review each lesson in any order too. It's quite handy if you bookmark the login page, and flag the email with your login details for furture use.

What if I forget my user name or password?
Just click on the link in the login page, and it will be automatically sent to you

Where do I go for additional help for buying a property or sorting out my finance?
I am happy for you to contact me to discuss this further. I can't find you a home or  do a finance application for you but can recommend you to the people that I personally use and recommend to my clients. 

I've purchased one eCourse, how can I be advised of other eCourses becoming available?
I send regular newsletters on property tips, how to save on your home loan, new eCourses being launched and free giveaways, so you will see these come directly to you in your inbox. As you are a member of an eCourse, I often provide Early Bird discounts to my clients.

Property Help

Where do I go to for help to find a suitable property to buy?
I was previously in the property industry, selling and working in the residential area, so have extensive contacts from Buyers Agents, Conveyancers/Solicitors, property inspectors, Real Estate Agents, Managing Agents and other relevant people that I can recommend to help you in your home buying journey

Finance Help

How can I find out how much I can borrow?
Many clients that used the online calculators on bank and lenders sites say they are initially helpful, to determine exactly what a lender will loan you for purchasing a property they are only an estimate and not a confirmed approval. You will need to discuss your situation with a lender or mortgage broker to obtain something valid and more reliable before you start to think about putting an offer on a property or bidding at auction. They will ask you about your financial situation (income, expenditure, financial commitments, assets, liabilities etc), give you an initial report to show you how much a lender may lend you. When using a mortgage broker, they will give you some options of lenders, total cost of the loan (fees, application, valuation costs etc) and thoroughly assess your situation for the best loan for you. Once you know how much you can borrow, then you can go ahead and start the process of applying for a home loan, so you will be ready with an approval letter prior to making an offer or bidding on a property.

How does pre-approval work?
I highly recommend going through the pre-approval process prior to making an offer on any property.  You need to ensure you have the cash to buy it right? So a mortgage broker or lender will assist you with an application, then once the lender has approved the loan, it will be subject to some conditions. One of them will be to value the property once you have secured it (to make sure you haven't paid too much), and sometimes some other minor conditions that need to be satisfied prior to obtaining the final approval (usually paperwork).

Am I better to go to the bank that I have been dealing with, or use a mortgage broker?
Some clients prefer to just go direct to their bank, however I highly recommend booking an appointment with a mortgage broker. A broker will be accredited with many banks and lenders, so may have access to around 100 loans. They can show you the benefits and costs of each loan, from an independent point of view. A broker doesn't charge you a fee for arranging your home loan, as when a loan settles the bank or lender pay them a commission direct. And the rates are the same as if you were to go to the lender direct, so you pay the same amount using a broker or the bank.

How long does it take to get finance approval?
I would love to say a definite time-frame, but it does vary from client to client, their situation (self employed versus employed), how quickly you can get all your paperwork through to them (pay slips, bank statements, payment summaries etc) and which lender you decide to go with. An estimate is between 2-4 weeks, but this can vary alot. Speak with your broker when you make your application, especially if time is a factor to meet an auction or if you have found a property that you want to make an offer on. A broker can recommend lenders that will approve it alot quicker than the average bank, especially when you are in a hurry.

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